There is adventure in every popular destination you will ever see in a touristic guidebook, but if you made it your resolution this upcoming year to embark on new adventures and expand your horizon, then you’re at the right place. Top help you put your own self to the test, we’ve put together a list of 10 Best Adventure Travel Destinations that you should plan to visit in 2018:

Reynisdrangar iceland - top 10 adventures
Reynisdrangar iceland – top 10 adventures


Icelnd makes it to number 1 in the best Adventure Travel destinations in 2018 From glaciers to vibrant greenery to lagoons and even whales and elephants, the Icelandic scene is diverse depending on where you go. You can practically cross the island from one side to the other in less than 24 hours, yet this 7 days package takes you literally around Iceland to experience it all. The best times to visit is in the spring and summer. Some of the best spots to visit are Akureyri, famous for whale watching and botanical gardens, and Gullfoss waterfalls (part of the most popular tour in Iceland dubbed The Golden Circle); further south a visit to Vík í Mýrdal home to the black sandy beaches, and Selfoss known warm Blue Lagoons and pools.

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Kilimanjaro top 10 adventures
Kilimanjaro top 10 adventures


Africa is synonymous of adventure travel; I don’t know anyone who hasn’t fantasized about hopping on a 4X4 and camping out in the wilds of the picturesque continent, and Tanzania is such a destination. Tanzania’s costs sees rain between March and May, while a climb to Kilimanjaro can be done best July to October or January to March. Wildlife in Tanzania booms from June to October. While Zanzibar Island offer some of the best escape vacation spots, a true adventure awaits further inlands. You can either opt for safari, or you can trek up Mount Kilimanjaro; perhaps one of the most adventurous destinations in Tanzania, offering a unique challenge but rewarding stunning views of Africa’s beautiful plains, or even a view of the clouds.

ancient fortress top 10 adventures
ancient fortress of Sigiriya top 10 adventures

Sri Lanka

Being close to the equator, Sri Lanka has consistent weather year round, and it offers much more adventure than other hyped Asian destinations. One of the best adventures you can embark on in Sri Lanka is hiking where Adam’s peak, Lipton seat and Kunckels mountains are some of the most popular hiking destinations, on this package you can also trek Kitulgala Forest Reserve. White water rafting is also up there on the list of adventures in Sri Lanka; other water activities are blue whale watching, surfing and wind surfing. Away from the waters, Sri Lanka has a reserve of national parks, highlands, tea plantations and dense jungles everywhere.

 top 10 adventures
top 10 adventures


Nepal may be known for its strong relation to Yoga, meditation and cultural and spiritual appeal, but it is also one of the very first and very consistent adventure locations in the world. Home to Everest, Nepal has been a Mecca for climbers, but trekking in Nepal is also means of exploring the culture, because the country is stringed by Himalayan mountain ranges that are home to some of the most culturally and historically rich temples in the world. Trekking isn’t the only adventure Nepal has to offer, Combine Rivers and mountains and it becomes the perfect location for rafting, and those high tips induce paragliding, zip lining and bungee jumping.

sacred-valley top 10 adventures
sacred-valley top 10 adventures


As you follow the footsteps on ancient Inca, you will be greeted with the some of the world’s best views, but also some of the most immersive historical experiences that this planet has to offer. Famous for the ruins of Machu Picchu the four-day trek is equal parts adventurous and rewarding. Peru is also one of the best countries in South America to discover the Amazon especially in Manu National Park home of the tropical wildlife of Peru. In Southern Peru, another adventure awaits in the form of Colca Canyon, which is also a popular trekking destination. While a boat trip can take you to The Ballestas Islands to explore untouched seaside wildlife and exceptional natural rock formations, Peru is one of the best adventure travel destinations to see in 2018.

jordan top 10 adventures
jordan top 10 adventures


When you say adventure travel, Jordan doesn’t really strike a chord, does it? Oh but it should! The area surrounding the Dead Sea is home to several valleys and rivers that stem from the Jordan River, which crosses the country top to bottom, they are home to the some of the most scenic waterfalls and rock formations in the world. Some of them, that you can visit on this adventure, include the Canyon of Wadi Zarqa, Wadi Mujib and Wadi Ibn Hammad. There are several camping spots in most of the Canyon areas such as Wadi Rum where you can enjoy a traditional Bedouin safari.

Australia top 10 adventures
top 10 adventures


One of the best things about Australia is that it is warm year round, and with spring starting in September it is a true escape destination. Australia is a classic adventure travel destination, it has a vast outback, the true no signal style perfect for hiking, camping and stargazing. On the other hand, the continent is surrounded by marine wildlife at its best; it’s one of the few places you can actually come face to face with great white sharks. There are many things to climb and jump from in Australia, one of Australia’s adrenaline rushing adventures is the SkyPoint Climb in Queensland.

Image result for newzealand

New Zealand

The terrain and weather in New Zealand makes it one of the top adventure spots on our planet, there something for every kind of adrenaline junkie out there in the New Zealand. The top 10 of New Zealand adventures definitely include sky diving, bungee jumping, off-roading, zip lining, rafting, caving and even skiing. Some of the best spots for water activities are rivers near Huka Falls, where rafting and jet boating are common, New Zealand is also home to Waitomo Caves, and Nelson, where the southern hemisphere’s deepest sinkhole can be found.

norway top 10 adventures
top 10 adventures


Norway is famous for the northern lights, but take it from me, there is much more to see in this beautiful northern country. The biggest unique adventure you can try is seakyaking between islands and exploring Geirangerfjord. You can also discover a lot about the fjords if you go on foot, there are several hiking destinations that range between 7 and 10 days each, that takes you from coast to alpine along dramatic views and Nordic nature. Even for those who don’t like skiing you can still make the most of the snow with the help of guided snow hiking tours.

namibia top 10 adventures
top 10 adventures


If you’re a great walker, you’ll love Namibia. Because hiking is the number one activity in Namibia, one of Namibia’s most unique hiking destinations is Deadvlei, the ancient river bed reserves fossils of trees that was one in the depth of water, you can cross it in a 30 minute walk, Namibia is also a coastal country and there is a very big potential of seeing dolphins and seals if you go kayaking. Nevertheless, of course, being in Africa, going on a wildlife safari is granted. The best time to visit Namibia is between December and March, just before it becomes humid.


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