5 Amazing Cities Every World Traveler Should Visit in 2019

5 Amazing Cities Every World Traveler Should Visit in 2019

Even though we still have plenty of excursions to look forward to by the end of this year, you can already start preparing your 2019 travel bucket list! More than ever, cities across the globe are starting to emerge as tourist hotspots as well as perfect urban gems for digital nomads. You can take your pick and head straight for some of them to experience the new culture, enjoy the local food, and discover incredible, hidden nooks few portals share online.

Let’s take a look at top five cities that deserve your undivided attention in the upcoming year, and some of the most stunning places to visit within them on your trip!

1.     Ljubljana

5 Amazing Cities Every World Traveler Should Visit in 2019

With so much hype around Vienna, Prague, or Budapest (and rightfully so), it’s no wonder that Slovenia’s capital remains less-known compared to its European siblings. Ljubljana may be small, but it’s packed with historic sights, stunning architecture, and hipster-perfect coffee shops that every world traveler will appreciate.

However, while you’re there, don’t miss out on visiting the nearby natural vistas that have earned Slovenia its reputation as one of the world’s greenest countries. Head to Lake Bled, visit the famous caves Postojna and Predjama, and the pristine coastline of the country.

2.     Beirut

5 Amazing Cities Every World Traveler Should Visit in 2019

While we’re on the subject of cities less visited, the capital of Lebanon may not be a destination for the faint of heart, but with certain precautions, it can turn out to be one of the most incredible journeys of your life. Dubbed the Paris of the Middle East, Beirut is a blend of some of the oldest Mediterranean spots and their modern, future-focused counterparts.

If you’re up for a cup of coffee before you head to a sightseeing adventure across town, opt for the less touristy shops such as T-marbouta where you’ll have the chance to mingle with the locals.  Go for their delicacies like manakish, but once again, do your best to find a local spot where you’ll find homemade meals which are mouth-wateringly delicious!

3.     Timboon

5 Amazing Cities Every World Traveler Should Visit in 2019

You’d expect to find Sydney or Melbourne on this list, right? Well, let’s focus once more on the path less taken, and one that will deliver such an extraordinary experience that no crowded metropolis can offer. For example, the town of Timboon in Australia is somewhat of a hidden gem among the country’s famous destinations. Its charm, beauty, and hospitality will win you over in a heartbeat!

While there, make time to visit the local shops that have helped put the town on the map of many travel enthusiasts. For example, head to an ice cream shop in Timboon to have some of their locally-made, fresh treats, and the local cheeses are also a perfect tease for your palate. Go to the local park to have a picnic, meet the locals, and enjoy the slow-paced life of this lovely town!

4.     Cairo

5 Amazing Cities Every World Traveler Should Visit in 2019

On the other end of the urban spectrum, you have a city that is home to some of the world’s most precious wonders, such as the famous pyramids. When you decide to go to Cairo, you need to be prepared to be in pure awe, not merely of the legacy the city holds, but the incredibly unique way of life you’ll encounter in its streets.

Make sure you visit the Valley of the Kings, the Karnak Temples, and to take the Giza tour to see the pyramids. Although the entire tour is much like stepping back in time, you should also consider visiting the Egyptian Museum, also rich with historic artifacts worthy a view.

5.     Reykjavik

5 Amazing Cities Every World Traveler Should Visit in 2019

The capital of Iceland is slowly getting more traction among globetrotters from around the world, due to its growing urban scene, incredible natural surroundings, as well as the very friendly locals and the serene atmosphere. These folk are so cool in fact that one of their favorite pizza spots only has an address, but no name, and you can visit it at Hverfisgata 12 – their pizzas are amazing!

Depending on the time of your travel, you can also ask around for the best place to spot Aurora Borealis further away from the city itself, but also spend some time simply exploring the city streets, which you can do with their free local tour! Consider packing layers so that you can enjoy every sightseeing option despite the cold weather Iceland is known for.

Written by Peter Minkoff


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