5 Best Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous Couples

There are couples who like to keep things as mellow and slow-paced as possible, and sunbathing paired with endless fruit salads and the ocean breeze is the epitome of the perfect honeymoon. And then, there are couples who thrive on adventure, the ones who would like to celebrate their new chapter with a dash of daring and excitement. The following five are for the latter, so that you can quench your thirst for adrenaline as well as proper rest in a single trip.

1.     The mysteries of Egypt

The very decision to head to this place of incredible historic and cultural legacy is more than enough to give you travel jitters. However, plan your trip to Egypt well, since there will be many sightseeing options, from cruising the magnificent Nile, seeing the Great Pyramid, all the way to meandering through Egypt’s marketplaces, famous for haggling and pushy salespeople.

While you’re there, don’t miss out on a camel ride, visiting the temple dedicated to Isis, their goddess of love and beauty, and of course, the famous Valley of the Kings. It will be a learning experience brimming with constant excitement, so brace yourself for some serious goosebumps.

2.     The divine allure of Greece

From luxury and prestige of Santorini, all the way to the mesmerizing architecture of Athens, Greece is a blend of modern and aged in more ways than one. You’ll find that it hides some of the most alluring beaches with turquoise water and smooth sand, while the nightlife of many of the hotspots such as Mykonos is yet another way to diversify your time in Greece.

Take your time to be in awe of what the capital city of Athens has to offer, as one of the world’s oldest cities, with many historic spots worth a visit. Then enjoy the Aegean Sea and its numerous islands with their unique heritage, divine Mediterranean food, and pristine natural treasures.

3.     The timeless pleasures of Sydney

For the more urban adventure travelers among you, Sydney is a mix of a vivid cultural scene, foodie hotspots, and dazzling beaches all around. Depending on when you decide to book your honeymoon, make sure you take the Sydney Harbor Bridge climb, take a coastal walk that will let you sneak a peek at humpback whales migrating, and of course, dip your toes in the Bondi Icebergs pool.

Between your skydiving session and your next trip to the Blue Mountains (which is an absolute must), take some time to pamper yourself in a delightful spa in Eastern Suburbs to replenish your energy and prepare yourself for another adventure. Aussies truly know how to relax and then leap out of their comfort zone in no time, so join the locals and learn from the best.

4.     The sleepless magic of Brazil

This South American country truly has it all: the buzzing cities, the enchanting nature, the unparalleled cultural legacy, and the incredibly hospitable locals. No matter who you are and where you come from, you’ll instantly fall in love with Brazil’s love for life. Spend some time in Rio to immerse yourself in the local spirit, and don’t miss out on seeing the surrounding natural wealth.

Make sure to infuse your honeymoon with as many climbs into the jungle and visits to their serene, exotic beaches. Spend some time with the locals in their smaller villages, and brace yourself for some breathtaking views of mountaintops and coastal scenery.

5.     The majestic beauty of Armenia

Formerly a part of the Soviet republic, this country is still considered an unknown destination among many travelers – and yet, it’s a gem worth exploring in so many different ways. With many religious monuments and sites that embellish its territory, as well as history riddled with strife, Armenia is a diamond in the rough that has yet to steal the spotlight of the travel community.

This makes it a perfect choice for those who want to escape touristy crowds and see the less-known nooks of the world. Armenia’s nature alone will simply leave you spellbound, so make sure you join the excursions into the less populated areas and enjoy the intact wonders hidden on the outskirts of its urban hotspots.

Written by Peter Minkoff


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