5 Best Vacation Ideas for an Adventurous Family

Being an adventurer means you’re always going on exciting vacations and doing cool things, but being a part of an adventurous family is even better. This means you and your loved ones share the same interest and don’t have a problem deciding what you’re you going to do for your next holiday – the more adventurous the better! However, if you’re planning a vacation at the moment, but have run out of ideas, here are the five suggestions that might help you pick the next adventure and what to do on it.


No matter where you live and how much snow your region has, you simply have to appreciate the fine art of skiing. Being able to balance your body on two thin pieces of delicate material and glide on snow like you’re hovering is simply majestic.

That’s why this is an idea every adventurous family is going to enjoy, and the list of places every skiing enthusiast can visit is long and comprehensive. Furthermore, skiing is an amazing exercise and one of the best ways to stay healthy and vital during winter, so think about taking your family on a skiing trip as soon as possible.



If you love spending time in mountains, but you aren’t the biggest fan of skiing, this is the activity for you. Hiking your way through the most beautiful places in the world is probably among the most innovative ways of spending your vacation and getting closer to your family. Relying on each other, making sure everyone’s safe and helping them have more fun on a hiking trip will turn you into a close-knit family more easily than you’ve thought.

Besides that, camping in the open, discovering hidden spots, taking tons of pictures, learning new things and meeting new people on this vacation is something you’re never be able to forget. Soon enough, hiking will become your favorite hobby and you’ll start practicing it at home as well!

A road trip

Hitting the road with your family is another fantastic idea that combines family bonding with an opportunity to spend some time in the open and have new experiences. No matter where you go, keep in mind that the trip itself is the part of the adventure, and you should try to make it as enjoyable as possible. Bring enough food, find a couple of road trip games you could play, make a playlist everyone’s going to love and pack your car with all the necessities you might need.

Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t embark on a road trip unless you’re absolutely sure your car will be able to handle it and give each member of your family enough personal space. That’s why investing in those spacious Nova Caravans is such a good idea – they give you a ton of room and help you experience your road trip in the best way possible, instead of being stuck in a tiny car for hours.


Sailing boat

If you’re a fan of the open sea, but find swimming and snorkeling boring and tiring, sailing is a choice for you. Being active and adventurous during your vacation is great for staying in shape, and that’s just what sailing could give you. Alternatively, you can combine it with other sea-based activities, and thus get the best of both.

You can enjoy sailing anywhere in the world and give your family a chance to experience familiar places in a new and exciting way – seeing them from the sea is unforgettable and something they’ll surely cherish in the future. Keep in mind that sailing is best done with a help of a professional, though, at least until you’ve learned the basic techniques and mastered the required skills.


In the end, if you’re tired of these strenuous activities and you just want to relax for a while, sightseeing sounds like the thing you’ll enjoy the most. Again, you can pick whichever destination you want and discover the cities all around the globe. However, while walking the streets of New York, London or Istanbul sounds like the best idea ever, opting for smaller cities might be an even better one.

These places are the true hidden gems of our planet and areas you simply have to discover if you want every member of your family to understand the world around them. So, pick an unusual destination and choose a place that’s small yet inviting, and walk all around it – that’s the best way to expand your knowledge of the world and have an adventure at the same time.

As you can see, there are lots of ideas and destinations you can explore if you’re a part of an adventurous family and if you’re planning a vacation. All you have to do is find an activity that excites you and helps you feel alive, and then share your passion with other members of your family.

Written by Peter Minkoff


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