5 reasons to go on a scooter adventure

If you love traveling as much as we do, there’s a high chance that you spend all of your free time researching new and exciting places to go and things to do. After all, life is no fun without a sense of adventure thrown into the mix. While you might have a destination in mind for your next vacation, you might also be wondering how to make these memories last a lifetime.

Our advice? Ditch the traditional vacation and take to two wheels for the ultimate traveling experience. These are your 5 reasons to go on a scooter adventure.

You gain a sense of freedom

Traveling is all about being free and exploring the world around you, and choosing to go on a scooter adventure will bring that freedom even closer to you. Without the worry of sticking with a tour guide or driving down the main highway, you get the chance to really see your destination of choice. You can weave in and out of the traffic, you can ride the beaten track rather than the main road, and you can choose where you want to go with very few limitations. The world really is your oyster, and you might experience some hidden gems while you’re at it…

You can mingle with the locals

If you want to really experience a new culture, you have to interact with the locals. While you might not be completely at ease with the language, people you meet will almost always try their hardest to ensure that you know where you’re going, that you have a full stomach, and even that you get to see the best of their country. With the ability to stop wherever you want on your scooter, you can decide to have a chat with the man, woman or child selling goods by the side of the road. You never know, they might even hop on their own scooter and show you around their favorite hang-out spots.

You can travel off the beaten track

Scooters may not look as though they have a lot to them, but they have the ability to provide you with some of the best experiences you could ever come across. Because you don’t have to stick to the main routes and roads while on a scooter, you can take yourself off the beaten track and down side streets and dirt roads to see what your chosen country really has to offer. A lot of the time, these hidden tracks will take you to secluded waterfalls, traditional rainforest, or sometimes even a dead end. We guess you won’t know until you find out!

You can save some money

Filling up a car with gas is expensive work, and if you plan to travel around a lot, it’s going to cost you a huge amount of money. That’s why we love scooters – they can save you a ton of money! These small motorcycles have such a small gas tank that you only need a small amount of gas to get the scooter rolling again. Many of these scooters also have the ability to drive for miles before you need to fill up again, which means that you can cover a lot of ground before you need to make another stop on the journey. What could be better than that?

Just make sure you check that your insurance covers you. Most insurance policies have a rental car excess or similar, so ensure that your scooter is covered.

You can be in the middle of it all

If you’re the kind of person that loves to see every inch of your vacation destination, you might also know that this can be pretty hard when you are staring out of a window. If you choose to drive a car during your traveling adventure, you are not only stuck behind the wheel – but you are also stuck behind a windscreen.

By choosing to ditch four wheels for two, you get the chance to really be in the middle of it all. You can feel the wind blowing through your hair, you can smell everything you pass, and you become part of the outside world. Just remember to wear your helmet and keep yourself safe!

Have you been on a scooter adventure? Would you recommend it to others? Let me know all about it in the comments!

Written by Judy Summers


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