5 Reasons why Sailing this summer

Go with the wind … Go sailing

Are you planning on discover some islands this summer?

Perfect. Thats on everybodys list just because its so awesome. Best way to explore the islands, relax and have some fun in the same time is to go sailing, no matter what islands you plan to discover.

Here is why …

  1. You have the biggest field in the world around you – the sea. Exciting, right? Blue all day and all night.
  2. Various destinations. You are in charge. You can stop in the middle of nowwhere  of the big blue to just get tanned and dive or you can stop in ports of some bucket list islands you are planning to explore. The best part is that you get to see places hard to reach otherwise, like secret beaches, bays and harbours. No matter how many times you sail the experience will be different as you will always end up in a different corner of the fantastic islands where it will be something new to see. Make sure you snap some pictures!
  3. No tourists vibes on the boat. You are with family and friends. Or maybe you are with groups which is even more cool as now you make friends that have the same passions as you – water, boat, sun, exploring, excitment. The sailing community is fantastic!
  4. You are learning new things. Learning about sailing is priceless. Everybody can do it and the feeling of being the captain its truly something..no matter what boat are you on.
  5. Relax. Surronded by water and hearing the waves is such a good therapy for your soul. You can experience some solitude moments to just be and enjoy.  Just imagine 6 days like this, no other noise, no rush, no cellphones, no worries – experince some happiness. Are you up to this ?


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