5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019

5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019

We all know France and Italy are centers of the world when it comes to foodie tourism, but they are facing some serious competition! So, if you want to try something different in 2019, check out these amazing destinations that will satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates.


The first thing people think of when talking about Greece is its amazing beaches, ancient culture and wild nightlife, but an often underrated piece of this beautiful country is its food! Greece’s cuisine is mainly Mediterranean with plenty of olive oil, fresh fish, veggies, fruit and high-quality meat. Of course, don’t leave Greece without trying the original gyro, moussakas and a juicy souvlaki. However, if you’re not into meaty goods, don’t worry! You might think Greece is all about roasted lambs and fresh seafood, but some of the most traditional dishes are actually meat-free, which makes Greece a perfect place for vegetarians. Of course, Greece has so many amazing things to offer besides food, but don’t travel to this Mediterranean country while you’re on a diet—you’ll break it on your first day!


5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019 - Australia
5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019 – Australia

If you want to take a foodie trip that has everything from tasty street food to fine dining, Australia is waiting for you! Oz is a real melting pot of cultures, races and religions, so you can expect a real mixture of cousins, dishes and drinks that will satisfy your every craving. Sure, Sydney and Brisbane have a great variety of foods, but Melbourne is the real foodie heaven! Basically, you can have the best European appetizers, hop next door for some Australian BBQ and finish your meal with some Middle-Eastern sugary treats from across the street. However, don’t just stay in the city—some of the best dining in Melbourne can be done on the outskirts. For instance, make sure to check out amazing Warrandyte restaurants that will blow your mind with amazing food, aromatic wine and breathtaking scenery! They are a real treat for all the senses and one of Australia’s best foodie destinations. You’ll definitely want to go back for seconds.


5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019 -Lebanon
5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019 -Lebanon

Sure, full-blown meals are great, but if you’re too in love with food to settle on one meal, head down to Lebanon and you’ll fall in love with its mezze! It’s believed Lebanon invented this way of eating where you’re free to have bits of this and that, mix them up, munch on your creation, cleanse your palate with some pickles and go for another round. Lebanon is also a street-food heaven, so if you’re heading somewhere in a hurry, expect to be late because there are just so many tasty distractions on the way. One of the best street snacks is kibbeh, a fried dish made with ground meat mixed with cracked wheat. But, if you’re ever in Tripoli, make sure to find a good sweet pastry shop and just go crazy! Whatever you pick will satisfy your sweet tooth in the best way possible.


5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019 -Peru
5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019 -Peru

If you’re up to something wild and full of juxtapositions, Peruvian cuisine will definitely satisfy your adventurous palate! It’s both hot and cold, starchy and acidic, delicate and hearty—a real wild ride of taste and delicious smells. The reason why Peruvian cuisine is so unique is that it uses a huge variety of indigenous ingredients and includes a mixture of flavors and cooking techniques from all over the world, from Europe to Africa and Asia. Make sure to try famous ceviche, Peru’s national dish, just watch out! It causes immediate obsession for nearly all who try it. If you want something heartier and “braver” than fish, opt for grilled hearts or even guinea pig. Peru will really give you a unique food adventure that will open up many new horizons!


5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019 -Montenegro
5 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers in 2019 -Montenegro

When you take into consideration how tiny Montenegro is, it’s really amazing how rich it is food-wise! You can find everything from light seafood dishes to hearty mountain meals. It’s really impossible to say which delicacy is the best, but Njegusi Prosciutto is definitely at the top. Eat it with a generous scoop of local cream cheese called kajmak and you’ll never want to leave this coastal country! When you get tired of tasty ham and want something lighter, order a portion of buzara, a big dish of seafood cooked in either red or white sauce. It’s a perfect dish for large gatherings, because it puts everyone in a good mood, especially if quality Montenegrin wine is flowing!

Feel free to visit these five destinations in 2019 for a real foodie adventure that will leave you craving for seconds. France and Italy won’t go anywhere!



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