7 days guide – Ring Road Iceland

My adventure around the Ring Road Iceland

I was lucky enough to be able to have traveled to Iceland recently. It was one of the best experiences I have had. Seriously, this should be on your top 5 places to visit, i mean I have seen more than 60 countries and Iceland beat all of them nature wise. Planning my trip here took a while, I didn’t just spontaneously decide this is where I want to go. Iceland requires you to take some tender loving care before you go. This is due to the weather, and the fact that I wanted to see so much of the place. I needed to have an in depth idea of where and when I was going to go somewhere. Therefore, I have decided to write the 7 days guide – Ring Road Iceland to help you.

Firstly, from my experience it would be best to go at it alone. Of course one or two others could make it fun, but Iceland is not a country for tourists. Do not expect to be able to easily get around with public transport either. You want to be free and flexible, be able to see the sights at your leisure. It would suck if you had a group of people ushering you to your next destination when you still wanted a few hours somewhere else, plus being alone in such magnificent place help you connect with yourself and find your inner peace.

Secondly, you need to choose the best time to go. If you love hotels, then you need to know some are only open during the summer seasons. Winter is a very tough time to see Iceland, so make sure you know which months are the best to go and what to expect. This is up to you though, depending on your preference. However, going in winter would require extra gear, and could cost you a lot. I mean a good pair of walking boots are over $200 not to mention the high prices of accommodations (check my blog on how to find cheap accommodation) and basically everything in Iceland, from food to gas to even chargeable bathrooms, so be ready to spend above your average in any other country in Europe.

Thirdly, how will you be getting around? like me you can rent a car, and sleep in hotels or local guest houses from airbnb dotted around the country, but my personal preference would be to hire a RV and camp your way through Iceland. I almost had complete and utter control over my whereabouts and when I wanted to call it a day, I just had limitations to check in and check out times, some local houses are run by families and its not nice to keep them awake waiting for your highness to arrive. I wish I had an RV so I could go almost anywhere. If the RV could go on water and fly that would be better, so until they invent the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car for real, the RV is the best option. You get the best feel for Iceland. You see everything you want to see. However, here I have to again mention the weather. Winter brings harsh storms, so be aware what you are letting yourself in for.

Fourthly, when camping, or driving, plan your route. Have an itinerary of where to go and when to go. Do the research. Later on in this blog I will write what I found to be the best. 7 days guide – Ring Road Iceland. You should find out how long it takes to get somewhere, how long you need on the road, how long you need to spend somewhere and so on. It would suck so much if you miss something, go home and regret it for the rest of your life. But then you should go to Iceland again and it would be great. Any excuse to go again really.

I mention knowing how long to spend somewhere because some places take up more of your time, and then that would mean you miss seeing something else. Daylight is limited and there is a lot to see so do not expect to see Iceland in a day or two. That brings me to the 7 day travel guide. A week is enough, longer is better. I would not go to Iceland for less than a week. Some people say you should stay two weeks to ensure you see the Northern Lights as they do not perform every night. So come take a travel through Iceland with me.

Day 1. Reykjavik is the capital city and where probably you will first land, i recommend you go for a walk, see their unique local shops and restaurants, you can see the big cathedral which is state of the art but do not waste your 1st day there, make some shopping and head the road, you can enjoy it more at night time and on your last day of the trip. 1st start driving whats called the Golden circle. Its a small ring road Iceland however includes a lot of sightseeing and natural wonders like Thingviller national park, Kerid crater, Geysir, Gullfoss waterfall, i was able to do that before sunset, afterwards i went to the Blue Lagoon, make sure you have a booking as its really busy place and long queues unless you have the magical VIP ticket to skip the queue, one more thing, you better go around 7, it is still before sunset, less people and sunsets can be magical there, you can have dinner at the lagoon’s high end restaurant or better head to the city and you will be surprised that this quite calm city by day is so alive and fun by night, specially on weekends. One day with so many beautiful sights already.

Day 2. Ready for day 2? I leave the capital and head to your 1st stop on the Ring Road Iceland, Seljalandsfoss waterfall followed by Sokgafoss, Dyrholoey, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach and Vik. Such beautiful sights again. I don’t need to mention how beautiful the sights are, you can see from my photos, as well as from now on knowing that I thought Iceland was absolutely stunning, you can choose your sleep over around vik, which is a beautiful city to spend the night and have your dinner.

Day 3. Reynisfjara, Reynisdangar, Jokulsarlon Glacier and Lagoon, and the Diamond Beach. After this you can’t miss the Svartifoss waterfall, Skatafell and then end the day in Hofn. Also, some of these locations were used in the filming of Game of Throans. So you could always pretend to be part of the Starks or Lannisters, as you wish.

Day 4. Start your day in Sydisfjordur, then off to Dettifoss, Myvatan and make sure to have time for Godafoss and Aukeryri. So far it seems like a jam packed 4 days, with 3 days remaining on the Ring Road Iceland. So make sure to rest up at night time so you can really enjoy your time here. But also remember that sleep is for when you are dead.

Day 5. Siglufjordur, Hvitserkur, Hraunfossar and Dynjandi. There are the 4 must see places for this day. Each one being so unique and stunning. Here I should mention to remember to feed yourself. Take food along with you, and enough to last 7 days. Sometimes the food shops are far away and closed. Nothing worse than being hungry and far away from food.


Day 6. Stykkisholmur, Kirkjufell, Hellnar and Budir. By now your camera must be full of photos and your memory nearing full. Take another SD card, or store your photos on the Cloud. Iceland was made for memories and stunning photos. I am almost 100% sure about that.


Day 7. The end of the tour around Ring Road Iceland. It brings you full circle back to Rekjavik. I decided to enjoy my last night in Iceland relaxing. Giving my feet a break, not walking anywhere. You could fly back home, or also rest up and really take in the last part of Iceland and giving yourself some closure of what you saw and the absolute beauty of the place.


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