Armenia is Beautiful !

Armenia – popular for its cultural tourism and an excellent destination for adventure travel lovers

Welcome to Armenia !


Armenia is one of the most ancient and unique countries in the Caucaus. You find it between Asia and Europe. Its small territories have so much to offer to travellers all around the world. Spectacular mountainous landscapes, ancient sightseeings, excellent food and friendly people everywhere.

Cultural tourism lovers propably have Armenia on their bucket list already. The country its 3500 year- old and has unique historical attractions like ancient churches with amazing architecture and unique cross-stones. Lake Sevan is the best choice for those who prefer beach vacations, want to swim, and relax. The country has a lot to offer for the adventure travellers as for the beautiful nature all around.


The heart of Armenia – Yerevan City

Yerevan its the Armenians capital. It has lots of green spaces and the main avenues are wide. It is the home of so many cafes, the city is filled with it and they are all packed. Yerevan is home of fancy shops and they also have Vernissage where hundeds of vendors are selling lots of sourvenirs and woodcarving items. The Cascade is a giant stairway in the capital city which links downtown Kentron area of Yerevan with the Monument neighbourhood. The Republic Square is famous for the dancing water fountains. Another thing you will notice about Yerevan is that the city is alive. The parks and the cafes are always full !



Countryside of Armenia

Lake Sevan is a large, high-altitude lake in eastern Armenia. It’s the largest lake in the Caucasus and its well known for its beaches. This nature‚Äôs wonder is located in the very middle of Armenian highland in a huge mountain bowl framed with picturesque peaks at the height of 1,900 m. You have many choices around Lake Sevan – lots of cabanas, fish restaurants and resorts. It is the perfect destionation for summer.

Sevanavank Monastery is the most visited destination of the lake. The monastery is on top of the peninsula hill, and is built of crude black stone on the exterior. The view is spectacular !

Tsakhkadzor attracts so many people from all around the world every year. They come here to relax, improve their health and admire beauties of the nature. It is a cozy city and modern mountain-ski resort. It is located in the picturesque Tsakhkunyats canyon amidst virgin woods and Alpine meadows, on Mount Tegenis gentle slope.  Beautiful landscapes and and also a good location for outside activities.


Armenia is a mountainous country with winding roads, large forests and gorge-labyrinths within beautiful and diverse nature. This place is also a paradise for those who are penchant for active tours, trekking and adventures in the bosom of untouched nature.  Mounts Aragats, Azhdahak and even legendary Mount Ararat awaits for you to discover!






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