Armenia Tour Package From Dubai

Armenia Tour: Few nations have histories as ancient, complex and laced with tragedy as Armenia. And even fewer have a culture that is as rich and resilient.

7 Amazing things you didn’t know about Armenia

Armenia is located in the South Caucasus region of Euroasia. It is bordered by Turkey to the west, Georgia to the north, Azerbaijan to the East, and Iran to the south. If Armenia tour package from Dubai is your choice, there are some amazing things you should know about this country. So, let’s start.

Armenia is home to the world’s oldest winery

In 2011, archeologists discovered what is assumed to be the oldest winery on the planet. The winery was discovered in a cave near the village called Areni. So, if you’re a wine lover you’ll be glad to know people in Armenia consumed it even in prehistoric times.

Noah’s Ark connections

There is a popular belief in Armenia that Noah’s Ark is embedded in ice on top of Mount Ararat. Although various expeditions didn’t confirm this belief, it doesn’t stop them from including it on their coat of arms.

The national symbol of Armenia is in Turkey

Mount Ararat is the symbol of Armenia and many Armenians consider it sacred. However, the mountain is technically located in Turkey. It hasn’t always been that way, of course. The massif has been passed between the Kingdom of Armenia, Persia, Turkey, and Russia throughout history.

Yerevan one of the oldest capitals in the world

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and besides being one of the most beautiful cities in this part of the world, it is also one of the oldest capitals on the planet. What’s more, Yerevan was constructed about 29 years before Rome. When in Yerevan, you’ll see tons of museums, historical buildings, and even some urban areas as well.

Pink city

Speaking of Yerevan it’s also useful to mention it is known as Pink City. Yerevan got its nickname after the rosy volcanic rock which was used to construct and build many buildings and houses.

Armenia has a special link with birds

Bird lovers will feel amazing in Armenia. It is home to 345 of 530 bird species identified in Europe. Some birds you can see there include falcons, swans, and eagles all of which are included in the country’s coat of arms.

Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Armenia is blessed with three UNESCO World Heritage Sites which include the monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, the cathedral and churches of Echmiatsin, the archeological site of Zvartnots, and the monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley.

Your Armenia tour package from Dubai takes you to a beautiful land rich in history and blessed with amazing nature, stunning sites, and good people.