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Azerbaijan is located along the shores of the Caspian Sea and the mountains of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan is also known as the land of legendary hospitality and phenomenal cuisine.

Even with the many advanced aspects of capital Baku and around the country, Azerbaijan has well maintained many traditions and historical places. Old Baku is full of close cobbled streets that open into residential courtyards, while the newer parts of the city are all wide boulevards and modern architecture.

You can see a number of sandy beaches along the Caspian Sea to enjoy your evenings, The best Azerbaijan tours include a little bit of everything, from nature to culture and back again.

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Places to visit in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is emerging as a trendy tourist destination and it’s safe to expect it to become one of the most popular new hot spots for tourists across the globe. Located in the south Caucasus region of Euroasia at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan has plenty of places to visit and enjoy during your vacation. Azerbaijan tour package from Dubai gives you a wonderful opportunity to get to know this beautiful country. Let’s see some of the best places to visit if you’re planning the trip to Azerbaijan.


The capital of Azerbaijan, Baku is situated along the Caspian Sea and it’s a wonderful combination of modern and traditional architecture. Baku is a city with old houses and neighborhoods, but at the same time, it also offers skyscrapers and urban center. This beautiful combination of old and new makes this city a unique place.

Icheri Seher

Icheri Seher, known as Old City or Fortress, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The site is located in the heart of Baku. It offers amazing architectural feats such as Maiden Tower dating back to the 12th century, Shrivanshah Palace from the 13th century, and so much more. You’ll also find traditional clothes, ceramics, and other cool stuff in this protected neighborhood.

Absheron national park

Absheron national park spans across 783 hectares of protected land and is the ideal place to see some of the most stunning flora and fauna of Azerbaijan. There, you can see gazelles, jackals, badgers, birds, Caspian seals, and other stunning animals.

Garasu volcano

What many people don’t know is that Azerbaijan has the highest number of mud volcanoes in the world. More precisely, there are 350 mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan and Garasu is one of the most well-known. Garasu volcano spews mud over 1000 meters high in the air and the whole area looks like the surface of the moon. Truly incredible.


Gobustan is often referred to as the Azerbaijani version of Stonehenge because it is comprised of prehistoric cromlech i.e. a circle of stones positioned vertically. Located south of Baku, Gobustan offers a wonderful insight into ancient civilizations because it also has more than 6000 rock drawings.

The Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is, in fact, the biggest lake in the world as it takes up 371,000 kilometers area. The sea or lake is positioned in the ocean bed which makes the water kind of salty. But, saline content is lower than it is in seas and oceans.

Men and women who opt for Azerbaijan tour package from Dubai will have plenty of places and sites to see in this wonderful country. It’s definitely worth visiting Azerbaijan.

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Best Season:Summer, Spring, Winter
Popular Location: Baku, Guba, Gabala
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