Want to swap hot Dubai with milder climate Finland? Great decision! Finland tour package from Dubai offers an unforgettable experience, but first, it’s useful to get informed about the country. Finland is a Nordic country and compared to other nations it’s quite small. The population of Finland is about 5.52 million and most people live in the central and southern areas. Despite the fact that Finland doesn’t have a large population, it is still one of the biggest countries in Europe.

Finland is known as the land of the lakes for a good reason. There are 168,000 lakes in Finland. The largest lake of this country is Saimaa which is the fourth largest lake in Europe. Finland owes much of its landscape to Ice Age, and that’s quite impressive.

Although we tend to think of Nordic countries as depressing places due to lack of hot temperatures, the reality is different. Finland happens to be one of the happiest countries in the world. While most people in the world dislike winter, people in Finland love it, which could explain why cold temperatures don’t make them depressing.

Another cool thing to know about Finland is that the national animal of this country is a brown bear. These lovely animals feature noticeably in Finnish mythology, including the national folklore epic Kalevala. The epic, which dates back to the 19th century, played an instrumental role in the development of the national identity of Finland.

Finland has a lovely landscape which is covered with thick pine forests and rolling hills. Of course, there are also thousands of lakes. This beautiful country has about 40 national parks that are situated across the nation ranging from the southern shores of Gulf of Finland all the way up north to the Lapland.

However, you shouldn’t consider Finland as a country of lakes, hills, and national parks only. There are many urbanized cities and areas that you can see. And when in Finland, you should definitely find a nice sauna. It shouldn’t be too difficult as there are more saunas than cars there. And don’t worry, you’ll still be able to eat some super delicious foods in Finland.

Finland is a great destination for men and women who want to try something different and see something new. The country gives you tons of opportunities to have a great time. Therefore, Finland tour package from Dubai will prove to be an amazing decision.

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Best Season:Winter, Summer
Popular Location: Helsinki, Rovaniemi