Successful Visa Application Planning

When you’re planning your next trip, sorting out you flights, looking into cheap flight options, and looking for affordable or suitable accommodation are of course all vital. I have several other posts that go deeper into each of these topics. There is still one element of planning your next adventure: Successful Visa Application that many people find challenging, which is determining if your destination requires a visa, or any sort of permit, and applying for it, before you actually go ahead with that booking.

Maybe you do not even need a visa

Not all citizens of all countries require having a Visa to their destination, and even when a visa is required; sometimes you can actually apply for it online or receive it in the airport. Your destination isn’t the only factor that requires studying before you take-off; it’s where you’re departing from as well. Many people from different parts of the world think that they can’t travel because they won’t qualify for a visa, they won’t get it on time or even think that it’s too expensive. And Yes! Some of these reason may apply to some people, but don’t let these negative experiences decide on your ability to travel.

If you already know that you won’t be able to get a visa to your destination, then it’s maybe a good idea that you look into countries that will allow you to visit without having to apply for a visa. You must also know that not all visa processes and requirements are the same; some countries make their visit easier to accommodate for tourism and increase their income.

know the requirements

Knowing your destination’s requirement for a visa for your passport is easy and can be done in a few minutes using Wikipedia, all you have to do is visit this link and go to the country you want to visit and it will detail the visa requirements for you. It is also worth checking if you destination maybe accepts a visa that you already have. For example, if you’re a holder of a European Schengen visa, you can enter Romania (on some conditions that you need to look into for your specific passport) without applying for a Romanian visa. And vise versa, let’s say you’re going to a Schengen destination, but not multiple countries within the EU, you can (again depending on your passport) get a visa only for that particular country, which can be easier and require less time, and an easier process.

Do some research

You can also visit the Wikipedia list and find out which countries that allow you to visit without a visa, in which way you can come up with new ideas for destinations you never thought of visiting before; it can turn into an epic trip.

After you’ve done your small search, it’s time for some in-depth research. If you found out that the country you’re visiting requires a visa, you have to get official information about requirements to apply. Don’t take others’ words for it, people will often speak out of experience and there is a big possibility that what applies to one person, doesn’t apply to all. For example, if you know that visas in general are not issued without presenting a proof of employment, and you’re unemployed or working as a freelancer, there is a big possibility that you can find something on the official website of the visa section of your destination country that tells you what do, and what kind of exception you can get, or maybe it’s a different type of visa, or a different way of proving your freelance work.

Official resources don’t let you down

Look on the official website for visa applications for the country you’re going to, and make sure you can meet all the requirements, make sure you have enough money for the visa fees, you have all the paperwork and that the embassy (or 3rd party service provider) can schedule your appointment with enough time for you to get your passport back before the flight. This is why planning ahead becomes crucial if you know you’ll need a visa, apart from the fact that it will also save you loads on flights and accommodation.

Be precise

If you want to have a Successful Visa Application  you have to make sure you know -and meet- all the requirements before attempting the application. For example, if a letter from your employer is required, make sure you check the format exactly and check with your employer that they can issue it. If health or life insurance is required, find out what companies can issue a policy for you, at what cost and for how long.

Some embassies in some parts of the world will ask for further proof that you’re able to support your trip financially through bank statements or having actual cash on you, other require that you present proof of your willingness to come back to your country, such as real estate contracts or even business contracts.

Be ready with documents

To avoid being rejected by an embassy while assessing your visa, always make sure that you met all these requirements, and that you have been well prepared with all the documents. It also helps that you use some logic while dealing with the application, for example, if you know that the embassy requires proof of your ability to pay through a bank statement, that means that supporting your application with a bank statement that has insufficient funds will probably be supporting its rejection rather than its approval. If the embassy, for example, requires hotel and flight reservations, you can present initial reservation, it does not need to be final, you can issue temporary or cancellation free reservations for yourself, or you can seek help from a travel agent who can normally get you these types of ticket with a small fee. In some countries, some travel agents can process the Visa on your behalf as well if you book your trip with them.

you may also wanna check

You must also take into consideration that Visas aren’t the only requirement you have to look into while planning your next trip. Here are a few tips for you to consider while planning:

-Look into the requirements of permits, some countries, for example, will require some sort of security permit before visiting certain countries.

-Travelling with a child can be a little tricky as well; you may need a letter from their school or written parental approval.

-Some countries have travel bans in place and you won’t be able to visit them, regardless of the visa.

-If you will be hopping through multiple boarders, make sure there isn’t a travel ban between these countries that apply to you even if you have the correct visa. Don’t just assume that because they are neighbors, they’re friends. For Example, India and Pakistan or Azerbaijan and Armenia, if you are planning to visit Azerbaijan, make sure you do not have an Armenian stamp in your passport or you may be banned from entering the country.

-If you’re a holder of one passport, but you live and work in another country, your visa requirements may have a difference than someone applying from their homeland. For example, if you live in UAE you can visit Georgia and get visa on arrival, same for some gulf countries like Oman and Bahrain under some conditions.

Remember, Google is your best friend when it comes to Successful Visa Application and planning, so do your research and make sure your final preparation is based on an official website of the country you are visiting.



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