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Hiking or walking in nature as a recreational activity. Especially among those with sedentary occupations, hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness, is economical and convenient, and requires no special equipment. Because hikers can walk as far as they want, there is no physical strain unless they walk among hills or mountains.

Trekking is walking for long distances as well, though unlike hiking it is always a multi-day affair. The other key detail is that Treks have substantial infrastructure of wide trails, guest houses, and food stops. Hiking, and Backpacking are wilderness experiences, where as trekking is defined by infrastructure on the trail. Trekking is much more commercial because of this. Most treks are easier to organize and beginner friendly due to the fact that carrying all your life isn’t necessary, and having snack stops along makes the experience a little less strenuous. With that said many famous treks are st pretty high altitudes which makes them more physically demanding.

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Best Seasons:Winter, Fall
Popular Location:Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India

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