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Hot Air Balloon:Experience a World First – Fly with the World’s Fastest Animal, the Peregrine Falcon, from the Hot Air Balloon Basket!

Enjoy a Gourmet Breakfast with Hand-cut Smoked Salmon, Caviar, Cold Meats, Eggs Benedict, Fresh Fruit and More!

After Your Hot Air Balloon Ride, Drive in a Vintage 1950’s Land Rover to a Luxury Desert Bedouin Camp.

Pick up from your hotel.


What is the most exhilarating, yet tranquil and romantic thing to do in Dubai? We think it’s a Hot Air Balloon ride over the Dubai desert. we make it our business to exceed your expectations and offer one of the most unique Hot Air Balloon ride in the world. So what’s so unique about our  rides you ask? A few world-firsts and a lot of experience!

More Than Just a Hot Air Ballon Ride

The truly unique thing about flying with Balloon Adventures is you get to experience a world-first phenomenon. Imagine soaring above the Dubai desert with Peregrine falcons – the world’s fastest animal! Experience these magnificent creatures in full flight as you get uninterrupted 360-degree views from the Hot Air Balloon, over a kilometer above the desert. Flying around a Hot Air Balloon is the most spectacular falcon show on Earth (or at least above it!).

It really is something you have to experience to believe and we’re pretty sure it is one of the best things to do in Dubai, and possibly the world!

The excitement starts in the morning when we bring you to the take-off site where the largest Hot Air Balloons in the world are being inflated, glowing in the predawn darkness. One of the best sensations is when you start to rise and enjoy the amazing feeling of floating as we ascend to over a kilometer above the Earth (that’s 4,000ft to the metrically challenged).

During the flight, our falcons fly against the incredible backdrop of the Dubai desert. As the sun rises over the Hajar mountains, your jaw will drop and even the hardest, toughest guys will feel all misty and emotional at the sheer beauty. We may have to issue a warning on whom you should take with you, as it’s very romantic. You may start cuddling up to your mother-in-law if she’s within arms reach!

Every airborne adventure on a Hot Air Balloon is different, but there are always plenty of “National Geographic” photo opportunities. Our skillful Pilots will first fly high for a spectacular vista and then come back down for what we like to call a magic carpet ride (after all, we are in Arabia!).

You can spot roaming camels, herds of gazelles running across the pristine sand dunes and maybe even the mighty Arabian Oryx in their natural habitat. The one thing we do know, you can’t take a bad photo from the Hot Air Balloon so your Social Media profiles will flourish!

Your adventure doesn’t stop once you land as we take you to to an authentic Bedouin camp. You will experience a ride in historic open top 1950’s Land Rovers, to an authentic Bedouin camp where you will have the chance to freshen up at clean, private bathrooms. Feast on an awesome breakfast that includes caviar, smoked salmon, Eggs Benedict, fresh fruit and so much more! There are also very nice (and clever) t-shirts available as souvenirs at the camp if you want to show off your experience.

I know we have to say it, but everyone who flies with us tells us it’s a must-do activity in Dubai!


  • Wear comfortable loose clothing for climbing in and out of the basket. In the winter months, it’s advisable to bring a jacket. A cap or hat is also a good idea!
  • Please wait for us in the Hotel Lobby (not your room) at the pre-arranged time.
  • The actual balloon flight time is approximately one hour and breakfast is served afterwards. Weather permitting, we fly 7-days-a-week from September until the end of May.


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Experience a World First – Fly with the World’s Fastest Animal, the Peregrine Falcon, from the Balloon Basket!







Enjoy a Gourmet Breakfast with Hand-cut Smoked Salmon, Caviar, Cold Meats, Eggs Benedict, Fresh Fruit and More!







After Your Hot Air Balloon Ride, Drive in a Vintage 1950’s Land Rover to a Luxury Desert Bedouin Camp.

Balloon Adventures Dubai has the only truly unique Hot Air Balloon experience in the world. Fly with falcons from the balloon basket as you soar over the Dubai desert.

With Balloon Adventures Dubai you get so much more than a Hot Air Balloon ride. After your flight with falcons flying from the basket, ride to a traditional Bedouin Camp in a 1950’s Land Rover for a scrumptious gourmet breakfast. All this for only 1195 AED for adults and 1045 AED for children including VAT.

Yes, it is the perfect gift for that someone special to give a surprise Hot Air Balloon ride. Order online now and give the gift of flight.

Our Hot Air Balloon Rides average an hour in the air most mornings. After you land we drive you to a Bedouin camp with a ride in a 1950s vintage Land Rover to enjoy a gourmet breakfast. The whole tour lasts around 4-6 hours. We shall call you between 6pm-8.30pm, the evening before your fight to confirm your exact pick-up time.

The start time varies depending on the sunrise.

Hotel pickups:

We will call you the evening before your flight to confirm a time. If you stay in a hotel, please contact us immediately upon check in to confirm your hotel and room details.

Residence of Dubai:

A SMS will be sent to your mobile for meeting time at our meeting point at Dubai Outlet Mall Car Park Main Entrance.

We care about your safety, so we only fly if the weather conditions are ideal. In case we have to cancel the flight due to bad weather, we will rebook you flight to another convenient day or you have the option for a full refund.

Balloon Adventures Dubai pioneered a totally new concept in both ballooning and falconry. We trained the world’s fastest animal, the peregrine falcon to fly and return to the Hot Air Balloon. It is spectacular to watch them fly 1km up in the air, soaring with them over the Dubai desert. The process we undertook to make this happen involved a long journey around the world with training by expert balloonists and falconers. The falcons love flying and both them and our passengers are very safe. You can only experience this with Balloon Adventures Dubai – don’t be fooled by advertised ‘falconry’ when it is on the ground!

You are welcome to cancel your Hot Air Balloon ride up to 48 hours before the flight. If it is less than 48 hours before the flight or you do not show up on the day we cannot offer a refund as we reserved those spots for you and it would mean others miss out.

We take off to meet the sun as it rises over the Arabian desert and fills the sky with light. The early morning provides the best flying conditions. The cool and serene ambience enhances the breathtaking views and incredible desert landscapes.

The actual balloon flight time is approximately one hour. Weather permitting, we fly 7-days-a-week from September until the end of May.

The Hot Air Balloon flies with the wind, which determines direction and distance, so the experience and views differ from flight to flight.

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but in the winter months wear something warm as it is cold in the desert before the sun rises. As you need to climb in and out of the balloon basket, wearing a skirt or dress can get in the way. Although we know you want to look stylish for all those selfies, please don’t wear your high-heeled shoes. Trainers are normally the best. A hat and sunglasses are also a good idea for when the sun is up.

Although ballooning is very safe, there are a few passengers that unfortunately won’t be able to join us:
– Ladies more than 3 months pregnant
– Children younger than 5 years old
– Anyone that has had major surgery in the last 6 months
– Anyone that has had a broken leg/arm in the last 6 months
– Anyone who suffers from chronic back or neck pain

We like to go all out and spoil our guests as much as we can…. Our breakfast is definitely proof of this. We don’t just grab a few stale sandwiches from the local service station but have our on-site chefs cook up a storm. Feast on caviar, hand cut smoked salmon, Eggs Benedict, Egg Florentine, cold cuts, fresh fruit and more. It is a big spread but please tell us if you have any specific requirements, so we can make sure you are looked after.

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