Bored of your ordinary travel destinations? had enough of all the touristic trips that doesn’t add much to your well-being? here are some of the destinations that will charge your adrenaline travel levels and leave you with a lifetime changing experience

1. Chile

Did you know that this little-visited, South America country offers almost 3000-miles of vast, natural, outdoor adventure? That’s right, adventures in Chile are all about getting lost in the landscape of gems—such as trudging, starry-eyed through the High Atacama Desert to wandering the mountains and lakes of Patagonia. Chile is also prime for eco-minded travelers, and if you want to find yourself off the grid, there’s no place like the far-flung Easter Island (the most uninhabited place on earth) and its massive stone head statues. Adventure packages on range from $500 to $1,500.

2. Canada

As far as wanderlust goes and Adrenaline Travel, Canada’s “home and native land” offers up a bounty of sweat-inducing adventures. Whether your pulse quickens at the thought of North America’s top-rated ski resort, Whistler-Blackcomb, and it’s vertical drop of 1609 meters—or perhaps your eyes bulge at the thought of rafting the Shubenacadie tidal bore on the Bay of Fundy, where the world’s highest tides rise up to 15 meters daily (a full day of rafting, plus a BBQ meal is about $90 per person). Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the bounty of customizable travel options available at Canadian Tourism Commission.

Canada, Bay of Fundy

3. Czech Republic

If you’re looking to get lost in a literal “land before time” than Sumava National Park in the Czech Republic awaits. This dark, craggy landscape welcomes adventure seekers with its expanse of rock-strewn mountains, thick golden fields, and darkly dense forests. It leaves little wonder to why this environment was dubbed the ‘Green Roof of Europe’, this is an ideal destination for Adrenaline Travel seekers.

Sumava National Park, Czech Republic

4. Iceland

Iceland beckons the adventure traveler, offering up a memorable bounty of active volcanoes, steaming geysers, crystal-clear glaciers, thundering waterfalls, deep fjords, and of course, the awe-inspiring northern lights (from January to March). Set up your home base in the city of Rekjavik, or trek outwards and set up camp amidst the wild Icelandic terrain. For travel options, check our Adrenaline Travel packages.


5. New Zealand

Do like the adventurous band of brave wanderers in Lord of the Rings and get lost in the breathtaking landscape of New Zealand (aka: middle earth). Here the dense forests, cascading glaciers, intimidating volcanoes, placid lakes, and vast mountain ranges make up New Zealand’s geographic beauty, and make it popular tourist location for  thrilling adventure sports—like bungy jumping, sky diving, mountain climbing, and cave exploration.

New Zealand Bungee Jump

6. Slovenia

The beautiful thing about the Former Yugoslavia is the fact that it stretches languidly over 2 million miles—between the Mediterranean views of Italy to the soaring Alps of Croatia. However, don’t let appearances fool you. This land is a bounty for adventure travelers lusting for hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, cave expeditions (the country itself sits atop approximately 8,000 caves), and of course, water sports. Discover Prosojna Cave, the most visited cave in Europe, which spans 20-kilometers.

Prosojna Cave, Slovenia

7. Bulgaria

Regardless of if you visit in winter for the skiing or in summer for Black Sea water sports, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of Bulgaria’s stunning mountainous terrain. In particular, Bansko, the pristine town and ski resort, situated at the base of the Pirin Mountains, is a prime spot for hiking and biking. No joke, the little known country bordering Greece and Macedonia, hosts its annual endurance, mountain bike race across the rocky 1,200-kilometer landscape, called the Bansko MTB Rally 2013!

Bansko, Bulgaria

8. South Africa

For a family adventure that’s seriously unique yet fun for the entire family, look to South Africa. Sure, the cage diving with sharks, cable gorge swings, and white water rafting will most definitely scare the crap out of your kids (and you as well); after, you can go on safari to Kruger National Park where you’ll spot lions, elephants, zebras, and giraffes—oh my—over two million vast hectares of preserved nature. For safari packages and lodging visit the official Kruger National Park website.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

9. Ethiopia

Unlike the classic safari experience that South Africa offers, Ethiopia offers an experience for those serious about really venturing off the beating track. The country’s Simien Mountains boast the medieval fortress of Gondar, a route to Lake Tana (aka: the Blue Nile) where you’ll climb along rock-scaling baboons, and the holy city of Lalibela, where breathtaking carved rock churches await your adoration.

Lalibela, ethiopia


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