What Kind of Traveler are you?

Where to travel based on your personality


Take a look at your every day life and think about it.. what kind of traveler are you? Where you should plan your next holiday?

Here are some things to consider before you buy the tickets. Be honest with yourself on this.


Nature VS City

Do you love the energy of the city or you prefer the silence or nature ?

Think about it. If you like being in the crowds surrunded by people, restaurants, cars, shops then you should consider going in some of the most famous cities in the world. European capitals like Paris, the city of romance, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, Bucharest, Prague, Amsterdam or the famous cities of U.S like New York City, San Francisco, L.A etc will definatively feel like the best choice for you.


If nature is what you are into, then you should take some adventure trips like hikking, trekking on the mountains in countries like Scotland, Iceland, Austia, Romania. Or, you can go exploring the tropic forests, and some other cool activities like rafting and kayak.

 Relaxation Vs On the Go

Are you an adventure traveler or you like a relaxed holiday ?

Be aware of what kinds of activities you like. If you crave for adventures and adrenaline take some group tours, maybe check out the world famous routes like Kilimajaro, Inca Trail, Everest Camp etc . You get to meet other people and share your adventures with while discovering the beauty of nature. For some, vacation means discovering the unknown and so, they are out all day taking city tours and visiting the best of what the place has to offer. Sighseeing is a must for this travelers.


Or maybe you are the type that likes to be just comfortable during the holiday. If that is you, most likely you will enjoy all inclusive beach resorts where you can simply chill by the pool. The magic of travelling is a nice sunny day relaxing, a few walks or maybe even shoppings. And, of course fine dinning in some chic restaurants.


So just consider what will bring you the most enjoyment. Travel can be a good way to push your boundaries and try something new, but make sure you know your limits and your preferences.






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